Power Solutions

Every CIO’s goal is to provide 100 percent business process uptime & availability. It should also enable a business to run Efficiently, Continuously, Reliable & Secured. Power conditioning is an important aspect. This is because electricity is the basic necessity to run the hardware and the applications, which enable a business to be available.

Silicon helix is a very experienced and skilled provider of electrical distribution solutions, power conditioning solutions and datacenter cooling solutions. It has several years of experience, expertise, breadth of solutions, and a wide range of services to provide you uninterrupted power and cooling solutions, maximizing your IT infrastructure uptime.

We understand the criticality of UPS systems and provide a wide range of solutions and services designed to maximize your IT uptime. We offer Liebert UPS systems ranging from less than 1 kW to more than 1 MW. The range is complete, efficient and reliable. Liebert UPS systems can be configured to meet your specific needs.

For the last twenty years, we have been designing, implementing and servicing the UPS requirements of enterprises. Our offerings span the complete spectrum of power solutions and power management. We partner with technology leaders and bring state of the art products and expertise backed power management services to our customers.

  • Products and Solutions
    • UPS (400 VA to 400 KVA)
    • Commercial & Industrial Inverters
    • Batteries – SMF & Tubular
    • Precision Air Conditioners
    • Servo Stabilizers (up to 1,000 KVA)
    • Isolation Transformers (up to 1,000 KVA)
    • Automatic Transfer Switches
    • Static Switches
    • Surge Suppressors
    • Green, Clean & Continuous Power Availability
    • Datacenter Solutions
    • Precision Air Cooling
    • Backup Power Solutions
    • Electrical Distribution Solutions
    • Site Power Auditing
    • Rental Solutions
    • Power Management Solutions – web based

    Liebert UPS Systems

    • Liebert® itON 600VA UPS
    • Liebert® APS 5kV
    • Liebert® GXT MT+ 1KVA – 3kVA – 20kVA
    • Liebert ItON – UPS for desktop computers

    Power tools and testing equipment

    • Alber BDSU – Datacenter monitoring system
    • Alber Cellcorder CRT400 – Cell Resistance Tester
    • Alber ELS – Electrolyte Level Sensor
    • Alber Universal Xplorer -Telecom Battery Monitors (UXTM)
    • Liebert MP – Advanced Power Strips