Data Centric Service

Unified Computing

Cisco UCS consists of Blade Servers, Rack servers, UCS System management software, Server Adapters – CISCO UCS Server I/O, Pcle-Nvme Storage, and GPU Technology, Blade servers for ISR routers and rack and power infrastructure.

Cisco Unified Computing System (UCS) consists of a product portfolio that includes blade and rack servers, edge scale computing, converged infrastructure, and hyper-converged infrastructure solutions.

Servers, storage and network are tightly integrated, tested with many applications and optimized for performance. With all the separate elements operating as a single whole, efficiency is maximized.

SDDC – Datacenter Virtualization

In a Virtualized Datacenter (also called SDDC) all elements of the datacenter: servers, security, network and storage are virtualized and delivered as a service. The management layer is abstracted from the hardware layer, and the administrator can manage the entire datacenter from a single software console. A datacenter so abstracted or virtualized is also called a Software defined data center (SDDC).