Consulting Services

As the world of things get more and more connected with intelligence built into them, some businesses can leverage this intelligence to develop new business models or business processes that can result in greater customer satisfaction. And organizations that continuously look at integrating and existing technologies to derive greater business intelligence to speed up the business, or deliver products and services in entirely new ways to customers will develop a lasting competitive advantage over less nimble competitors.

A digital business demands flexibility in outlook, an IT infrastructure that can adapt to changes quickly, and an approach of ongoing review of new technologies as they emerge. To stay current, you are likely to require a varying range of technology solutions and services across the breadth and depth of your business and datacenters. Only a full-service technology partner (who has the expertise across multiple technologies and the entire IT Infrastructure stack that you have deployed) will be able to deliver and keep your IT ahead of the curve.

Building the framework for digital business.

The essential building blocks of a successful digital business are already available. It is essential to deploy these for providing the foundation of a Digital Business capability.

Gartner defines Digital business as: ‘ the creation of new business designs by blurring the digital and physical worlds’.

Your network needs to be stable and secure to enable a smooth and reliable data flow and to build systems that deliver actionable information. We can help you achieve this by analyzing and overcoming network bandwidth constraints, set up sound governance that recognizes and mitigates risk, and provides you with the digital infrastructure required for data management and analytics.

Cyber security

Even as the criticality of IT infrastructure grows, Cyber security is becoming an increasingly difficult challenge to meet. The number of threats and attacks on internal and internet facing systems are ever escalating. You need a Full-Service Technology partner (who not only understands security from a holistic perspective, but also has expertise in individual elements of your IT infrastructure) to secure your IT effectively.

Silicon helix can help. We have been securing networks and IT systems for over two decades from a wide range of threats. We help you not only with Technical security, but also help you set up processes designed to mitigate non-technical risks and ensure compliance with a wide range of security standards. Our Security teams also monitor your critical IT systems round the clock and are trained for emergency responses to security incidents. Our technical teams can also automate your configuration management to ensure that IT systems remain compliant to security standards.

Hybrid Cloud

Your business grows and so does your IT. Keeping your IT agile demands deployment of cloud technologies. Distributed applications, and customer facing applications are best deployed on the public cloud, even while you deploy a private cloud for applications that require security and maybe to meet some compliance standards or comply with local laws. You could also look at leveraging the best of both, and deploy a hybrid cloud instead – with the applications residing in the public cloud, while your application data resides in your datacenter.

We can help. Public, Private or Hybrid cloud, Silicon helix has the experience and expertise. We can also help you deploy cloud management platforms that will help you manage your Public and Private clouds from a single pane of glass.


Accessing computer applications is rapidly shifting from Desktops and laptops to Mobiles and tablets. As more employees bring mobile devices to the workplace, and seek for using these devices at work, the importance of managing these mobile devices has become very important. Any digital business strategy requires a sound and secure mobile management framework to be in place.

Silicon helix has experience, expertise and partnerships to help with Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM). We can help you implement mobility without loss of data, compromise of security or compliance to security standards. We assess your goals and requirements and draw out the desired end state of mobility and help you deploy mobility, operationalize and manage the actual process of securing individual devices through a combination of automation, and incident based management.

SDDC: Bring agility into your IT by implementing a Software Defined Datacenter

In a Virtualized Datacenter (also called SDDC) all elements of the datacenter: Servers, security, network and storage are virtualized and delivered as a service. The management layer is abstracted from the hardware layer, and the administrator can manage the entire datacenter from a single software console. A datacenter so abstracted or virtualized is also called a Software defined data center (SDDC).

Virtualized Desktop Infrastructure (VD)

By segregating the physical clients from the Desktop environment and applications, VDI brings in several benefits to IT such as easier storage and DR. It also reduces user management time, and increases productivity, even while giving users the flexibility to use a variety of devices.