Enterprise Networking

Routing & Switching

The network is the hub of your organization’s IT. It moves data within the local network and routes data in and out from external networks. A fast and secure network is essential to organizational productivity. At the heart of your network is Routing with Switching connecting the arterial pathways of your network.

With an array of options for networking, and a multitude of providers and product options for switching and routing, choosing the right architecture and products for your network can be a challenge.

Wifi – Networking

Rapid proliferation of new devices are placing ever escalating demands on WLAN’s. Most users have at least one additional device they seek to connect to the network over Wi-Fi. Administrators face the challenge of providing ever-increasing coverage and a growing density of devices.

We use the best practices developed by various providers in our design and deployment. We follow a process that generally covers these areas.

We assess your requirements in terms of number of devices, bandwidth required today and forecasted into the next five years, the types of services expected to be running over Wi-Fi and frequencies. This information is gathered into an Assessment document. Based on the requirements, we assess density and arrive at cell sizing, antennas, coverage etc. Finally we Implement, Secure and Optimize: Our engineers install, test, secure and tune it for optimum performance.

We design and implement structured cabling systems, Security Systems and AV Solutions

High availability, high integrity and secure IT systems need a strong and future-proof structured cabling. Cabling systems aren’t just for IT systems or datacenters. It provides a standard way to manage your connectivity in your building for several applications.

Your cabling system isn’t just for today’s requirements, but must be capable of accommodating tomorrow’s new technologies. The cabling system must be future proof, upgradable and flexible.

  • Structured cabling solutions
  • FTTH Solutions
  • Physical security solutions
  • Smart Rack Solutions
  • Audio Video Solutions

Our structured cabling plans are designed to help buildings achieve complete communications potential. Our designs result in an intelligent and easy to manage network infrastructure. You can add, move or remove elements with a minimal downtime.

With structured cabling systems designed and implemented by Silicon helix, you get a network infrastructure that allows you to run todays applications at optimum performance levels. By virtue of its design, you can also accommodate newer elements and newer technologies into your network with minimal effort.

We partner with world class OEM Such as:

  • Structure Cabling – Commscope , Panduit , Belden
  • CCTV Solutions – Axis, Bosch, NUUO, Mileston, QNAP
  • Access Control Solutions – HID
  • PA Solutions –Bosch
  • AV Solutions – Samsung , Karmer , Cisco, Polycom, Crestron etc.